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Driving school Crawley 

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Hello Driving School Crawley, Our driving instructors in Crawley deliver first class driver training. We only use fully qualified experienced Driving instructors who have a wealth of expertise for the last 18 years :-)

Driving school Crawley

Opening hour

10 am - 8 pm       7 days a week 

  • Intensive driving courses

  • Block booking discounts

  • Flexible hours, 7 days a week

  • Nervous pupils welcome

  • 1-2-1 tuition

  • Mock practical tests

  • FREE theory

  • Pass Plus, refresher lessons

  • Dual controlled,learner friendly air conditioned cars

  • DVSA approved instructors

  • Driving instructor training

Hello driving school Crawley

Before you begin your journey in learning to drive it is advisable to choose the RIGHT  Driving Instructor 

This is why we are offering Assessment lesson for £10.00  It's our opportunity to show you why many of our pupils  PASS first time  :-))

Hourly rate   £30.00


12  hours   £350.00   saving   £10.00


18  hours   £520.00   saving   £20.00


30  hours   £850.00   saving   £50.00


40  hours   1100.00   saving   £100.00

If you want to pass your driving test in a short period of time we have the expertise to help you  :-)

On average, pupils taking 1 lessons tuition per week takes 

around 5/6 months to be ready for their test. This makes it expensive

 to pass your test.The best way is to take 2 / 3 lessons a week.

Driving lessons  Crawley

General Advice for Driving After Passing

After passing your driving test, always drive the way we taught you.

 Remember - rushing gets you nowhere. Always follow the golden rules - keep your distance, no excessive acceleration, keep to the speed limit, and

 check your car once a week.

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